Hooking Up With Mature Women – How Does It Feel?


“Women are like wine, some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age”


mature women sexYou are officially part of the online “mature” dating scene. What does that mean? Well, it means you are dating at the age of 40 or above.  And if you are a male, you are in luck! The old saying about women aging like fine wine, is absolutely true. You are now dating a secure, confident woman who knows who she is and what she wants. She has been there and done that, and there will be no beating around the bush here. Most importantly? Sex has taken on a whole new meaning. For the women over 40, It’s no longer about making babies and it’s not about being some hot, sexy chick trying to impress and flaunt her skills or her body in the bedroom, it is now just about fun. When the walls come down, that is when true passion and great experiences all around takes place. Welcome to the world of online dating with mature women. Men, you will love it.


In fact, as research for an upcoming book, one author interviewed 150 women and found that the steamiest sex stories came from the older women! All the way up to their 70s, 80s, and 90s. There isn’t one doctor or therapist who would argue the people aren’t interested in their sexualilty until the day they die The strongest predictor that women over 40 will continue a sexually active lifestyle is whether sex is important to them.  The lead researcher Holly Thomas from the University of Pittsburgh confirmed that the majority of women who go into midlife sexually active stay sexually active.


But it’s not all about sex. There are many reasons to date an older woman. As women age, their strength gives them the mindset to celebrate life as a time of love, joy and fulfillment for all they have gone through and learned. Age becomes a time of flourishing, not only of surviving and getting through the days. There is an increasing amount of evidence pointing towards  women feeling a greater sense of self actualization as they grow older.


  • Mature women have their own life. They have their own careers, their own money, their own friends, and their own places. Their lives will go on with or without a man, and that is an attractive factor in itself. Forget clingy girls. Mature women have build themselves strong over the past years, and they won’t be invading your space.
  • Mature women can hold their own. Unlike the younger generation, you can rest assured your date won’t get trashed or embarrass you at a family or work event. She won’t perish without the constant attention as she can manage herself with class.
  • Mature women know what they want. There is no longer a checklist consisting of engagement by 25, marriage by 27, and kids by 30. There is a probability that older women have already been there and done that. Now, bottom line, you can count on her telling you exactly what she wants, which is usually just a good, trustworthy man.
  • She most DEFINITELY doesn’t need to flaunt her relationship and its status on social media, or stock her man on facebook. Older woman usually remain more private, and don’t have to monitor or “like” every post that the man she is dating makes. It’s mature aged dating, and it’s a mature relationship.
  • This is an important one, “She doesn’t need you, she wants you”. Chances are, whatever her history, she’s been through many obstacles, and she can handle anything relationship wise. Although a relationship is isn’t needed to provide happiness in her life. An older woman already knows who she is and what she wants, and would love someone to share that with.


Not only are women over 40 more in tune with their own desires and goals, they are also more aware of yours, and can focus on a mutually beneficial and balanced relationship. They have learned what makes a relationship flourish, and what does not. They have a better understanding of life, how to treat others and what NOT to do. By knowing themselves better, their own likes, dislikes and preferences, it makes them more honest and communicable. People in general, regardless of gender, grow into more knowledgeable beings as their lives progress, as living and learning is inevitable. Many younger couples these days do not make it. There is still too much growing and understanding individually that needs to be done before a relationship can be built. In mature dating, couples have been “there and done that”.


“40 is the new 30” . Women in their 40’s are looking better than ever! They usually have the time and money to invest in themselves whether it be working out, clothing, eating healthy or using botox or other methods to spruce up what may be aging.  While the younger years are spent pursuing many things such as careers and raising children, women 40 and older in the mature dating scene are usually done with all that. They can now relax, get manicures and pedicures, and shop for the latest age appropriate styles at their leisure.


So, how does it feel to date mature women? Probably really good. They’ve become who they were meant to be, and all the circumstances and life events they have undergone up to this point have created remarkable people and contributors to society. Remember Sex in the City? Remember the four different types of mature women involved in the show? Yes, it’s New York and Hollywood, so it’s a bit dramatized, but overall,  you can get a good grasp for the life of mature women. They still possess their sexiness, they still pursue friendships and relationships, despite the many new meanings the word now takes on, and they all live life to the fullest. Many men may have fantasies about dating younger women, but truth be told, as with the wine, women age into perfection in bed, socially, and as a person.