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SeniorFriendFinder is powered and supported by the famous matchmaker community – Friend Finder Community. The strong technical support and customer care of Friend Finder made SeniorFriendFinder eventually become one of the most popular mature dating sites in the world, with unique features for its members and good quality services. Even if it is not one of the largest mature dating sites in the US, it still reaches a broad range of mature singles from all the corners of the world. This is the precise reason we decided to rank this website as No. 4.

Price Information

The website has prices for all pockets. They offer two types of memberships, the Gold and Silver one. Prices for these memberships are according to the following:

Silver Membership
• 1-month membership for $22.95;
• 3 months membership for $11.95 per month, billed in a single payment of $35.95;

Gold Membership
• 1-month membership for $34.95;
• 3 months membership for $14.98 per month billed in a one-time payment of $59.94. For this membership plan you get one month for free, so you pay for three months and receive a total of four months as a member on the site.

Also, the standard profile can be enhanced, by choosing to pay small fees for several types of additional services. These services can be purchased by anyone, even if you don’t have a premium membership, as a supplementary support to have a better profile. Thus, you can get, at any time you want:

Add standard contacts, so that other members can view your profile more quickly and contact you
• 1 month for $19.95;
• 3 months for $11.97 per month, billed in a single payment of $35.90;
• 12 months for $8.95 per month, billed in a one-time payment of $107.40;

Add a highlighted listing, so your profile pops out in the inquiries of other members
• 1 month for $9.95;
• 3 months for $8.95 per month, billed in a single payment of $26.85;

Features List

Standard Membership
• View and contact members;
• Set up a basic profile;
• Add a picture to your profile;

Silver Membership
• View and contact members;
• Your profile will be shown in searches after the Gold members;
• You can contact any new members;
• Access the video intros of members;
• Enjoy a partial access to blogs, groups and magazine features;
• Customer phone support 24/7;

Gold Membership
• View and contact members;
• Your profile will show up at the top of search results;
• You will be the first to have the opportunity of contacting new members;
• A full access to all members video recorded material;
• Full access to all available blogs, groups, and magazine features;
• Customer phone support 24/7;
• Have the possibility of accessing extra-large photos;
• You can access the member’s ID for ICQ, AIM, YIM, and MSN for a chat.

Let’s Meet

SeniorFriendFinder has an interesting feature to make finding your match a bit more interesting. It is called Let’s Meet, and it is a fun game of dating. If you play this game, you will receive a set of precious dating suggestions. The feature was created to show mature singles that dating can be fun, the suggestions they will find with the help of this game helping them have a better time if they find someone to go on a date. Mature singles are a bit reluctant when it comes to dating since most of them consider to have forgotten how it’s done. Well, use the Let’s Meet feature and start remembering how to have a fun date, with the suggestions you will receive.

Highlight Listings

Another great feature made to help people find their match, especially members that do not have a premium membership. If you want to be spotted more easily and grab the attention of other members on the website, you can choose to pay a small fee to have your profile highlighted. Thus, in search results, your profile will appear on a bright yellow background, being impossible to be missed. It may be only a visual trick, but it will increase your chances to meet your match because a higher number of people will want to see how you are and get to know you better. And this is the best strategy to increase your chances to finding the right person for you, on mature dating sites.


1. You can upload short videos in your profiles. A picture is static, so seeing a person in a video, moving, talking, gesticulating, give you a more real feeling. A person may look great in a picture, but you may have trouble when you start hearing that person talk, so this feature helps you decide whether someone is, or not, suitable for you.

2. You can easily see who’s online now. It is an incredibly important aspect because it increases the chances for a live chat. Instead of just sending messages to someone, when you see someone that interests you available at that particular moment on the website, it triggers the desire to start chatting. And live chatting is much more personal, than sending messages to someone you never got the chance to know better.


One downside of this website is that Nude pics and videos are allowed. Unfortunately, the site does not filter this type of content for removing it, and some mature singles may dislike it. Most people come here to find a soul mate, with whom they can spend the rest of their days, not to find an erotic adventure. So don’t be surprised if some members on the site misunderstood the purpose of it.

Editor’s Verdict

It is noticeable that there are many Asian mature singles on this site, considering that it is a worldwide mature dating site. Still, only 60% of members are from North America, consuming more time to find a local partner, in the case of American mature singles. But, if you have nothing against chatting and dating an Asian single, this may be the right place.

Friend Finder Community is always sending traffic to SeniorFriendFinder, from the world’s largest adult dating site – AdultFriendFinder. Since many open-minded, mature singles from AFF joining in, more and more nude pics and videos are uploaded here. Thus, the dating atmosphere on the site may be more casual than on other mature dating sites. Some mature singles like it, some dislike, it depends on how light-hearted and tolerant one is.



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