Mature Singles: 5 Photo Tips for Dating Online

photo tips

Finding love online is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. In fact, a study suggests that a third of the marriages in the USA started by the couple meeting somewhere on the Internet!

If you’re one of the many mature singles giving online dating a try, then you should know that a good picture may largely increase your chances of success. Even though there are other important elements– such as writing a nice bio and having manners both on and offline – a decent shot goes a long way here. You know how the saying goes – sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Read on to learn why having a good picture of yourself is important and get an insight into the best photo tips for dating online!


Why are pictures so important?

Since people don’t get to see you and see your body language – the way you talk, act, smile and so on – their only chance to form an impression about you is by the pictures you’ve posted on your profile.

Don’t forget that others will judge you and your character based solely on the pictures you’ve decided to attach to your profile. For instance, if you look at a person’s profile and you notice the person is either drinking or partying on every picture, you’d probably immediately think of that person as immature – even though that may not be the case!

While looks are definitely not all that matters when it comes to mature relationships, having a decent picture on your online dating profile is key. In fact, most of the people admit it that sometimes, the picture may make or break the deal!


Tips and tricks to step up your game

Here are a few suggestions that may largely improve your chances of finding a significant someone. All of the suggestions apply to mature singles of both sexes, no matter their age or sexual orientation.


1 – Don’t use old pictures

Using an old picture of yourself – something from 5, 10, 15 years ago – could seem off-putting for most people. Apart from you giving a false impression about yourself, it could also point out the fact that you’re not coming to terms with your age.

Instead, use a picture that was taken recently – ideally, something from the last six months. If you don’t have one, ask a friend to quickly snap a few pictures of you that you’ll get to upload.Remember that you don’t need to look like a supermodel – just be yourself! That way, you’re giving off the message that you’re comfortable enough with the way you look and you’re accepting yourself andyour age gracefully.


2 – Don’t use only group pictures

It’s okay if you decide to post a picture or two with you and your friends – actually, that speaks volume about you being someone who is social and has friends. However, if all of your pictures have someone else in the frame, you’re not doing yourself a favor. Actually, people might have trouble recognizing which one of the group is you!

Try having most of your pictures be of you and you alone – this says a lot about your level of confidence as well. That way, you’re giving the other person a fair chance to decide whether he or she likes you – and better to find out online rather than on the first date, right?


3 – Use nice and clear pictures

Some mature singles might have a really hard time deciding which pictures are good enough to be posted online. Since “nice and clear” sometimes doesn’t say much, always go for pictures where your face is clearly visible.

All of the pictures you use on your online profile should be taken in a decent light and preferably, with a nice background as well. Opt to be the best version of yourself on the pictures – a decent shirt and a nice haircut can go a long way here. Oh, and don’t forget to put a smile on your face – no one likes a grumpy face!

You don’t have to do full body shots if you don’t feel comfortable with those. However, restrain from posting anything taken in a dark place – like at night or in a bar – or anything smudged because no one likes looking at pictures like that.


4 – Don’t use fake pictures or clipart

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can choose to do when it comes to mature dating – using a clipart as your profile picture or even worse, someone else’s picture. Not only that this isn’t fair to the other person who chose to talk to you but things are going to get really messy once you go out on a date.

Always use real pictures even if you don’t feel that confident about yourself. Remember that you’re not in your 20s anymore – your looks won’t be the deal breaker here. Besides, nothing is more attractive than having a healthy dose of self-confidence – that thing can be seen even in the pictures!


5 – Don’t post only selfies

mature woman profilePosting only selfies of yourself – or even worse, posting selfies taken at that weird, low angle of yourself – may seem narcissistic and self-absorbent, even though that’s probably the last thing why you’ve posted it.

It’s not a bad idea to use a selfie here and there but try to get some “regular” pictures as well. Ask a friend to take a picture whenever you go out or have your friend snap a few pictures when you’re walking the dogs – you’d be surprised by how nice the pictures turn out to be. The best pictures are the one taken in an environment where you’re feeling most comfortable at.


Smile for the camera

Hopefully, you’ve learned a few things by now that will help you attract more new people in your life. Always smile for the camera and don’t forget that mature dating may take a while until it works – don’t lose hope. With just a small bit of effort and luck, things will soon fall into place!