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Overview is one of the world’s largest mainstream dating sites. But, is it really a mature dating site? Of course it is, because as we noticed, about 60% of the total of 6,000,000 members are over the age of 40. So, yes, Match is definitely the dating site with the biggest number of mature singles. The next question will be if it is also a professional, mature dating site. If we are to look at the singles of all ages joining in, then the mature singles could seek out different types of relationships here, like sugar daddy dating, age gap dating, homosexual dating, etc. Most mature men think it’s good because they can find more fun here while some mature women think the atmosphere here is too casual for their taste. Still, we cannot deny that thousands of mature couples have found their true love on this website, so we should give it some credit. And this is why we rank as Top 1 on the list of mature dating sites.

Price Information

Concerning the price for a membership on the website, you should know that you can opt for a standard membership, which is free, and a gold membership, which is paid. The paid membership comes in three versions of period fees, according to the following:

• 3 months membership, with $22.99 per month;
• 6 months membership, with $19.99 per month;
• 12 months membership, with $16.49 per month.

There will be differences, of course, between the free and paid membership, concerning the available features. Just read the following section and you will find out.

Features Lists

Standard Membership
• Possibility to search for matches;
• You can create a profile and appear on searches of others;
• Post a photo of your choice;
• Send winks to people;
• You have full access from your mobile device on the website;
• You will receive alerts in the shape of small texts, for receiving winks or e-mails;

Gold Membership
It contains the same features as the Standard Membership, plus these additional ones:
• You can contact other singles;
• Have a prioritized access to Stir events;
• Enjoy a faster connection with IM;
• Have the possibility to send and receive e-mails;
• You can respond to e-mail messages;
• Read and answer the received e-mails from your mobile device;
• You can remove members from view;
• Have one click search type;
• Receive SingleOut matches.

Create a Detailed Profile By Answering All Questions

What can you do to increase the chances to meet your match? The answer is to put some effort in creating your profile. If anyone has a slight interest in you, they will always look at your profile first, before choosing to contact you, or not. So having a detailed profile will not only increase the chances of meeting someone new, but that someone may be more on your wavelength since there might be some similarities between you and that person, pointed out in your profile. So do take your time and answer as many questions as possible, when creating your profile on, if you want to make sure that the mature single you will find it is the person you need as a partner.

The profile is the strongest tool you have on mature dating sites, including, which could make the difference between finding the right person for you, and finding another person with whom you won’t manage to establish a successful relationship. So do have this in mind, when starting to make your profile. And it is a great thing that the website has a set of questions, to help you out with offering the information since many people might now know what to say on their profile. This is a feature which is not very often seen in online dating sites. So we do appreciate it.


1. If you haven’t found someone special within 6 months, the website will offer you an extra 6 months for Free. And that is a feature you won’t find on many other mature dating sites. Thus, you can take full advantage of this because it means you will have a full year membership at half of the price.

2. Suggest matches by an advanced algorithm. A well-established algorithm will find similarities between you and other mature singles, increasing the chance for you to establish a great relationship. It will definitely take a part of the load.

3. Support App version. It is futile to say that in present days, the existence of a mobile application for a website is a must. Thus, you will constantly be connected and present on the site, following everything that is new.


1. No live chat room. Yes, we know, this is a bummer. Photos will remain the only way you can see someone, besides a live date.

2. Only official blog, with no personal blog and forum. This is another part that we feel sorry for not existing since connections can also be created on personal blogs and forums. These are just other means to bringing people together but are not present on the website.

Verdict is a good online dating service for all mature singles. You already found out about the great features it can offer, if you decide to join a membership here. Even though there are a few mature singles complaining that it is not a professional, mature dating site, due to the fact that they may get disturbed by the younger people, also present on the website. But, for most mature people, it means more chances to find different passions and, why not, have a great time as well. So we can say that the majority wins in this case.

Thus, if you are seeking a mature partner, it may take a little longer to find it over here than on SeniorMatch. But for more fun, opened possibilities, excellent communication means, with different kinds of people, is always worth to take a shot at it. Also, it has prices a bit lower than the rest, plus let’s not forget about the 6 months free membership, in case you don’t manage to find anyone, if you have paid for 6 months of Gold Membership.



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