TOP 10 Mature Dating Sites for Over 40

Whenever the word dating comes in mind, it is automatically assumed to be attached with the younger blood; boys and girls in Love Over 40teens, twenties and thirties to be more precise. But, this is not the actual case. Dating is becoming equally popular in people of all ages. In fact, experts say that people above 40 are supposed to find their loved ones easily. When it comes to love, it is all about timing and place. Look for the right places at the right time. Having difficulty with both of these? Allow us to help you find top 10 best dating sites for over 40.

Here you go.


The first one on our list is Seniormatch is one of the most popular and trustworthy site. This site has thousands of active users and almost every profile is crosschecked by the site administration for authenticity. Due to this authenticity, people find it safe to upload their pictures and their personal information on this site. Although there are a few fake profiles, too. But, these profiles are in rarity when compared to other thousands of authentic sites. It features both the free membership and the Gold membership. The perks of both these memberships vary, obviously. It provides full mobile access on its mobile app.


With over 15 million registered users in United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom, eHarmony is the second best dating site for singles over 40 on our list of top 10. This site boasts about finding match for people over 50 years of age. This site is specifically made for mature singles that are in search of a friend or a lifelong partner. The user needs to fill a lengthy and thoughtful questionnaire to join this site. So, whoever joins the site, he/she is expected to be serious in his/her quest for love. One of the best features of eHarmony is that it can offer almost 40 people living in the same area to have same interests. If we look in to the statistics, over 438 people get married every day because of eHarmony. Need we say more?


OurTime is yet another dating site that is popular among the 40 above clan. With app on both platforms, apple and android, this dating website offers easy access to the people above 40 years of age. One can search the singles in desired location or the site can also provide the best possible matches based on user’s interests and favorites. The feature that makes OneTime different is that it also offers compatibility according to the zodiac signs. People who believe in the zodiac signs are highly encouraged to join this site since this site matches their interest.

Meetup: is one of its kind dating website that makes dating over 40 easier. For all those who find it hard to go on a one-on-one date, is the best place since it offers meetups in the form of group social meetings. There is one little shortcoming to this whole concept. You won’t know who you’re meeting since it offers a group social gathering. The subscription fee of this website is minimal which allows you to start your own meetup plan.

With app access on both platforms, apple and android, is a great website since it has a lot of subscribers. Due to this huge number of subscribers, one can find the true love by easily going through thousands of profiles in peace. One con of this large number of subscribers is that you’ll find it a little difficult to reach your best match. For people who are interested in more variety and not in focusing on one or two singles, this app is the right place to search on.


If you’re a person of elite status and looking for a person with elite status then elitesingles is your site. The clientele of this site includes lawyers, engineers, doctors, artists and VIPs. Due to this elite following, this site is very popular among rich people. The profiles of the users are thoroughly checked for authenticity. It matches the personalities of the people by using intelligent algorithms.


Okcupid is a dating site for people over 40 who are looking to find a younger significant other. Yes, you heard us right. Some people find it attractive to have a companion of older age. This site is perfectly designed to look for people with different age groups. The process to join this website is a little bit tedious but once you are through, there will be no going back.

Plenty of Fish:

As the name states, Plenty of Fish is a dating site with large number of users. This website has thousands of users. Like other dating sites, it offers both, free and premium membership. Premium membership of this site has certain benefits, like showing up first in reply to female’s answer etc. Also, the premium membership allows you to view the timing of visits on your profile.

Millionaire Match:

MillionaireMatch.comMillionaire match is a dating site for millionaires. There are some freeloaders, too. But, a lot of profiles on this dating site belong to millionaires and billionaires. Women tend to look for a stable and rich guy hence, they come to this site to fish for a millionaire match.

Older Women Dating:

We often hear that girls want to date mature and older men partners. But, that’s not the only story. Older women may also prefer younger men and this is accomplished on If guys are in search of mature and older females, then they can also make their accounts on this great dating website.

In the end, after choosing the right dating website, it’s all about your first impression. The first impression on internet is made through profiles and photos. Make sure that you spend some quality time on designing your profile because your profile will determine whether your personality is catchy or not. A catchy profile is expected to get more audience as compared to a dull one. So, don’t waste a minute more of your time and design the best profile. Once you’re done with the profile setup, you can visit any of the above mentioned dating sites as per your need.