Tips For Refusal In Case Of Mature Singles

The person you were trying to discover is not as you expected or you receive an indecent proposal from a mature single? You dating refusal tipswere approached by a mature single on a dating site, where in fact you were looking to meet a younger person? There are many situations in which you may find yourself in the position of refusing a mature man or woman. You had better not just tell them to “buzz off”, so you will need to find a way to tell them that they may stop what you’ve started. Dating with the mature can be fun, but you won’t always find someone you like right from the start, so you need to know how to turn someone down, if the case.

  1. Be diplomatic

It is true that sometimes a person can be annoying or insistent, but no matter what you need to keep your diplomacy up. Try to remind yourself that you are a high-class person and you will not be dragged into unwanted conversations where nasty words are used. Also, dating is always risky for anyone involved in it, because it may not turn out as you wished. If you are rude to someone just because you realize that he or she is not your match, you should think that the same thing can happen to you as well. Would you like someone to be rude to you? Probably not, so no matter how uncomfortable the situation may be, try to remain calm and diplomatic.

  1. Keep calm and be sincere

mature woman refuse manThey always say that the truth hurts, and it may be very true, especially for mature singles. A mature single will always hope to find someone to share their time with, but they also deserve to know the truth if you don’t feel the same for them. It may be unpleasant, both for you and for them, but they will understand because this is a virtue of being mature. So just find the courage and sincerity to tell them how you feel and why you think things won’t work between you two. Things will eventually settle for both of you.

  1. Try to look for early signs

The best way to end an unwanted relationship is to do it before it develops too much. After all, if you are involved in a mature hookup, you probably have an age where you don’t want to lose any more time. So if you notice that things are not going in the right direction, or the person you are dating is not what you are looking for, do end it when everything is in an initial phase. A refusal is much easier to take when emotions are not that much involved.

  1. Trade an unsuccessful relationship for a friendship

A mature single or any single may appreciate a friend. This is why calmness and diplomacy are needed when formulating a refusal. If things are not working between you and your date, why waste your time and feelings on a relationship that will turn to be unsuccessful? It’s better to end it and enjoy a friendship instead, if the other person agrees, of course. So try following your refusal with the proposal of friendship, if that is more appropriate.