Menopause, Which You Should Handle Well in Mature Relationships

menopauseOnce you pass the age of 50, most people often find themselves looking out for dating mature singles. Mature dating has become an art today and therefore this article hopes to bring out some facts that we’ve learnt from the success stories of mature couples.

Although we believe that with our age we look forward for mature hookups, surprisingly majority of our society irrespective of their gender find themselves wanting experience love as it was in their younger years. The reason for this can most definitely be the fact that most of these people who are looking for mature partners, haven’t dated since they were last in their 20-30s. Trapped in a time loop, both men and women expect their partners to be their old selves. But what is needed to realize is that mature dating provides a perfect opportunity to find love even at this late stage of life.

If you find yourself back in the dating game once you’ve passed your 50’s, majority of the times this is a result of a huge void created by the loss of your loved ones or because of a divorce. The key to success in dating mature singles is letting go of the past 30 years of beliefs and changing the way you look at dating completely. At this age in life, one of the biggest challenges that comes up is how to handle menopause while dating mature singles.

The average age for menopause to happen is between 50-55 years of age. Menopause is the period where women stop having their menstrual periods for 12 months and lose the ability to reproduce eventually. This is a slow process, therefore it plays a critical factor in mature dating as most women interested in mature hookups are past the age of menopause. Men who are looking for mature hookups should be open minded and should be understanding enough to accept this transitional period in a women’s life which is different from one woman to another.Women at this stage in life go through a series of emotional and physical changes which can be quite difficult to handle when the woman you’re dating is going through Menopause.

First step in handling menopause while engaged in dating is being aware of its symptoms. As mature men, paying attention to detail can help you get through most tough times quite easily.

Mood swings, hot flashes, stress, vaginal and urinary symptoms, abnormal vaginal bleeding and itching and fatigue are some of the best known symptoms of menopause. Women can develop complications such as heart diseases and osteoporosis after the menopause begins.

You have probably gone through this experience yourself, if you’re starting your menopause period or you’re already in your menopause period. Sometimes all what you’ve had to deal with so far is lack of sleep and continuous interruptions while sleeping and also unexpected periods. Perhaps you are smart enough to understand that your desire for sex and intercourse has also fallen unpredictably. When you approach this stage or notice one or few of these symptoms then it’s time to face the reality and accept the fact that you’re entering the period of menopause.

The following tips will surely help women understand how to handle mature dating successfully while going through menopause.

Women should make sure that they don’t welcome known triggers especially during dating mature partners. Spicy food, alcohol which are known as hot flashes are some of the basic triggers that should be avoided if you’re serious about succeeding at mature hookups.

mature relationshipAlso women should not wear highneck or turtleneck tops and layered dresses. Cool wipes should be in your bag at an easily reachable place as your face and neck will need a lot of them. And make sure not to drop your cold glass of water with ice.

This is probably the last option you want to hear if you’re already in your menopause period. But the more you’re upset and stressed out and depressed, it’s the best time to consult a suitable psychologist who will look into your matte with a professional eye. Sometimes it’s about controlling your hormone eruptions and periods through use of prescription drugs.

The biggest challenge women will face during this period is how they would discuss this situation with their partners. When they see their partners get stressed about their unexpected behaviors, they will resolve to keep it a secret as long as it’s no longer a secret to your partner. Most women are not brave enough to say it out loud during a date and excuse few minutes from the guy, to tell that they’re going through a hot flash at the moment. If you’re lucky your partner could be mature enough to understand your situation and help you be at your ease at that moment. Women are worried about looking all sexy for their partners, so they would prefer to neglect such moments. But the correct way to handle menopause in mature dating is to be open about it with your partner and act maturely.

The cornerstones of any successful relationship are honesty and trust. Regardless of how old you are these do not change. Therefore the best way to find yourself a good mature hookup is to be open about it so you are quite comfortable around your partner during that period. If you’re enter that period while you’re already in your relationship don’t be afraid it will affect your sex life. Couples who are understanding of the situation make use of this period to give focus to other aspects of sex life other than intercourse such as oral sex.

Last but not least, one of the best ways to feel better mentally as well as physically is to look at this from this angle also. Men on their can have many health concerns which are also natural due to age. Problems such as hair loss, impotence, erectile dysfunction and prostate issues are some of the common ones. Therefore opening up and talking up about these situations can help make your mature dating life a better one.