The Best Positions for Mature Sex

sex positionsWhen people are young, as well as full of strength and energy, they usually do not think about which position is better for making love. Well yes, a majority of individuals have their favorite ones but they will never consider an impossibility to take advantage of their preferred position a great tragedy. The key reason for this is that all possible positions are available and even if one partner doesn’t like some of them, it can be easily adjusted or modified a bit in order to satisfy both participants of coition. However, as a time goes by, health deteriorates, endurance reduces, and problems with back and pelvis occur. As a result, a choice of sex positions, which can still be comfortable for mature individuals, significantly narrows, but don’t despair since missionary position is not the only possible variation for over 40 hookup. So, which are the best sex positions for sex at the mature age? Let’s find out.

Doggy style

A global tendency to sedentary life and a lack of regular physical activity contribute to problems with overall health in mature people and this can result in difficulties during sex life over 40. Furthermore, one of the first to suffer is spine and pelvis that may lead to the situation when individuals experience pain while staying in an uncomfortable position thereby making it almost impossible to enjoy sex. In this regard, sex on all fours or so-called doggy style can be an amazing solution to the problem. The thing is that when a female crouches on hands and knees, her pelvis is in a neutral position and so she won’t feel a backache during sexual intercourse. At the same time, a male partner stands on his knees and keeps his arms on woman’s hips for a better balance and this helps him keep his back neutral either and focus on a delightful penetration and not on pain. However, this position has one very important nuance that people rarely think about. While women will surely feel comfortable on any surface, whether it be a bed, a floor, or even a ground, it is not so simple and clear when it comes to males. The thing is that when a man stands on a solid surface on his knees and makes frictions, the pivot point slightly shifts and this creates an additional pressure on the lower back. At a young age, a person may not feel it, but after 40 it can cause pain and significantly reduce sexual pleasure. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have sex on a soft and slightly springy surface – such as a bed with a good mattress. This will help avoid a backache and, moreover, protect your knees from discomfort – a primary reason for a spoilt sex during doggy style.

However, in case a female partner has problems not only with pelvis but also with her spine, it is recommended to deal with “flatiron” variation of doggy style – a woman lies down with a pillow under her chest and hips raised a bit. The great advantage of this position is that it keeps her spine neutral and provides a perfect angle for G-spot stimulation – a great bonus for mature sex, isn’t it? At the same time, unfortunately, if a woman suffers from spinal stenosis, she will not be able to engage in this position since this kind of disease usually makes it impossible to arch hips while lying on a stomach without pain. In this situation, a missionary position with low-back support from pillow will be the only variation capable of providing satisfaction. The good news is that the number of women over 40 with this disease is small since in general, stenosis usually occurs after 60.


mature couple sexThis position has much in common with a prolonged and affectionate hug during which lovers fall asleep. However, it is highly recommended to use this cuddle position as a basis for sex behaviors over 40 and not only for a smooch after intercourse. Despite the fact that it has many variations, mature partners should choose either penetration from behind or from a small angle since if it is too big, the female will be surely dissatisfied with the process due to discomfort in the perineum. It is important not to lean on the bed but exactly lie on it in order to avoid a backache that can be caused by sciatica. You surely don’t want to deal with relieving that sciatic pain instead of enjoying a great sex, do you? It is obvious that spooning is much like doggy style but it is more comfortable. However, it has a minus since it doesn’t provide a good angle for G-spot stimulation if compared with sex on all fours.

Sitting position

It is a great variation for mature women experiencing menopause. Well yes, typically its usual onset is 49 and 52 but in some cases, due to hormonal disorders, it can occur at the age of 45 or even earlier. One of the negative outcomes of menopause is a significant decrease in estrogen production that, in turn, leads to thinning and dryness of vaginal tissue and, as a result, makes penetration more painful. In this regard, it is very important for a woman to have a possibility to control penis frictions and not be dependent on her partner, who can appear to be too rough. Sitting position is a great solution since it makes possible for a female to ease onto penis as gently as possible and fully control frictions in order to get maximum pleasure from coition. The key disadvantage of sitting is that woman’s legs can get tired quickly and so it cannot be considered one and only position for the intersection. A good idea is to move on to spooning after legs are tired. Firstly, a male will know how to deal with penetration without causing pain and secondly, sex will surely end with a prolonged and affectionate hug. It’s difficult to come up with something better, isn’t it?

Try to find the most appropriate mutual sex position and your mature hookup will be definitely unforgettable. Don’t even doubt it!