Why Is Match No.1?

match.comMatch.com is among the most famous mature dating sites you can find on the Internet for a while. But why is it so? What makes this site so much better in comparison with other existing dating sites? Well, there are quite a few reasons that helped this site be more successful than the rest. If you want to convince yourself if this website is the best place to be for mature singles, keep on reading as you are about to find out.

  1. It is the largest mature dating service, as 60% of users are over 40.

If we are to look at other dating sites, what can we see? At a first glance, very many users are quite young. This can be discouraging for a mature person trying to find a partner of approximately the same age. Well, things are different on Match, because here more than half of the users are over the age of 40. Thus, the chance for mature singles finding their matches are significantly higher.

  1. Meet mature singles from all over the world.

Another great advantage is that the website is a global network. You can easily meet single people that come from all corners of the world, giving anyone a chance not only to meet new people but also to visit a new destination, if everything works out in the end.

  1. Meet mature singles with different sexual orientation.

Because the diversity of mature singles is so great, there are high chances to find here people that are of a different sexual orientation. It means that if you are a bisexual, you may very well find a bisexual here as well, and so on. The fact that Match.com managed to expand so much and conquer people from so many places on the globe, also ensures a higher rate of success, regardless of sexual orientation.

  1. Dating younger singles.

As mentioned before, 60% are over 40, but the rest are still younger than this. So if you want to find a younger single, this is also the place to be. Match.com is not a site exclusively made for mature because it will also welcome singles of all ages as well. It is said that when two people match and fall in love, age, sex and color don’t count, and this site seems to know this very well. Every member of the site has equal chances of finding their soul mate here, due to the large variety of options.

  1. Both serious relationships and casual hookups are available here.

Whether you are looking for another person to share the rest of your days with, or you just want to enjoy some diversity in your life, both are available on Match.com. Not all people on the website are looking to settle down, it is true, but you never know what may happen after you meet someone you like. It is a great place where busy people can meet new dates, where you can chase away your loneliness and, why not, find your future spouse. All the opportunities are on the site, but it depends very much on what you are looking to get.

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