Mature Dating – A Fast-Growing Niche Online

mature romanceWhy is it that so many mature men and women find themselves still looking for a partner once they are over 40? It is a fact that it has nothing to do with being a little older than your children – after all, mature singles and older dating enthusiasts tend to look great well into their sixties – and that’s not something that the generations right up until the 1950s could boast.

The science behind mature dating, or older people over 40 dating like they are young all over again, has been whittled down to a few key factors.

  • We Are All Living Longer – Much Longer: On a visit to a museum in my home town, I came across a photograph of two notorious twins that were outlaws in the neighbourhood. They were basically nothing more than illegal poachers, but were set down in legend anyway. The photograph was taken about 1890 and probably had the photographer use one of those black blankets draped over the head. I asked the museum curator at what age did they the twins both die, and he remarked that they both perished together at age 51. Yet the image showed them looking around 70 or 75 if they were a day. Most 50-year old looked like that, the curator told me.
  • We Don’t Marry For Life Any Longer: “Until Death Us Do Part” was once a wedding vow, and today is has no relevance. Life was a lot shorter just 150 years ago, so life-long marriages were common. Today, partners will change who they are with at least four times from the first long term relationship to the last.
  • Mature Singles Look Great: Ever since the heady days of the 1980s when we watched Dallas and Dynasty on our television screens, we have found mature dating actually cool. The men (all of whom were over 45) were rich, powerful and well groomed; and the women were equally as powerful, well-dressed, well-heeled, shoulders widened and physically toned like a young lady 25 years younger. This was never the case a century ago.

Mature dating is thriving because of modern life, modern health and improved fitness levels. It has made the older person more attractive to the opposite sex and men over 40 are now chasing women their own age and not younger women like they once did pre-1970.