Having Fun on Your First Mature Date

Dating for mature single women can be nerve-wracking, especially if it is the first time that they have dated in a long time.  The first mature datetraditional rules of mature dating are not as strict as they once were.  A mature date can consist of a variety of activities, and there are several ways to break the ice on a date.  Here are five groups of topics to get the conversation flowing on a date.

Ice Breakers

To start the evening, bring up topics about each other.  This could be their professional life or their hobbies.  This could be an easy way to gain common ground.  It’s also a good idea to ask about where they are from originally and their family.  Mature single women have a lot to offer during a date.

Building on Common Ground

Once common ground or common interests have been established, expand on that.  This will be a great way to gauge mutual interest and if a second date is on the horizon.  Topics of conversation at this point could include favorite movies or TV shows, whether he or she is a cat or god person, and what he or she likes to do for fun.  Mature dating should be all about finding the fun and enjoying it together.

Evening Entertainment

Expanding on common interests will lead to both of you growing more comfortable with each other. The topic of a second date may be mentioned here. This could also be the place where creativity and humor are explored.  Topics of conversation here include dreams and what he or she would do if they won a lottery.  Answers to these questions will inspire a lively conversation that both should enjoy.

Don’t Want This to End

dinner datingPresuming that everything in this date is going well, topics in this group could include the current location of the date.  This is also another place to expand on common interests and get to know each other better.  Topics here could include ambitions, dreams, or memories.

Ending the Evening

If common interests have led to a stimulating conversation, then the first date is a success.  Topics of conversation at this point could include planning the second dateThis is also where a mature date turns into mature relationshipCommon interests could take center stage when planning activities to do together.

Mature single women should have no fear when it comes to datingAny mature date will have a relaxed atmosphere.  This is because the traditional rules of dating are not nearly as rigid as they once were.  The object is to have fun and be yourself.